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We are experts in results driven performance media across both traditional and digital media. We pride ourselves on delivering tailor made solutions for our clients through a range of services that are second to none.

When you think of Advertising Excellence, you can be forgiven for immediately thinking of the amazing press discounts we regularly offer our clients. While it’s true that AdEx has been around since 1998 and in that time has established itself as the leading late-space agency in the UK, this doesn’t quite tell the whole story. It is more important now than at any other time to have an appropriate Digital Marketing Strategy otherwise you run the risk of being left behind and let’s face it, once you’re playing catch-up it becomes increasingly difficult to fight your way back.

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-digital-marketing-analysisWith our very own in-house digital team we will help your business grow whether you are a relatively new company or an already established one. We’re so confident that we will help your business that we are offering a free no-obligation 1-hour consultation. In this hour we will come to understand your business and its specific needs and by the end of the hour we will cover each of the following (if applicable) and create a bespoke package for your consideration.

Programmatic We will drive higher user engagement while significantly increasing conversion rates and driving five times the amount of leads.

Search Engine Optimisation We will review your website, identify any areas of concern and find new ways in which you can enhance and optimise your site. We will deliver our findings back to you so we can work together in order to develop the perfect website able to bring your business results.

Social Media Management Measuring social media is critical to a business simply because it’s everywhere. We will audit your current social channels offering three valuable functions including;

  1. Developing your social media marketing goals, linking it in to your bottom line
  2. Assess and amend your websites social media presence and activities
  3. Help create a comprehensive social media strategy

Social SEO We will help you create good quality, engaging – SEO optimised content for all your social channels.  We will also take control of your social channels and communicate with your customers directly, by doing this we will increase your Facebook & Twitter audiences.

Lead Generation You will come away from our lead generation audit with a bespoke blueprint for the success of your marketing efforts. We will provide you with all the tools you need to get it right including;

• Better alignment of marketing spend with value potential • Improvements to marketing strategy • Better tracking and metrics .

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