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Grow Your List of Prospects through Quality Leads!

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-lead-generation-growthLead generation, or lead-gen, is a marketing term for creating or generating the interest of prospective customers in a product or service being offered by a seller. Marketers responsible for lead generation are all too familiar with some common challenges – getting closed-loop feedback from the sales organisation, measuring marketing effectiveness beyond just lead quantity, and cost per lead, to name some of the notable ones.

There are a number of key areas within a marketing strategy that can benefit with better insight into lead quality. The most significant driver of ROI is targeting so improvements here are a top priority. Lead generation marketing can reach a broad audience with many different types of marketing tactics. The goal is to concentrate additional tactics and offers on the top segments of prospects. This is where lead scoring and predictive modelling can be used to set the priorities and establish investment levels based on the conversion probability and value probability. We can use your criteria to tailor the best fit for your lead generation campaigns. We can then analyse where they are targeted and scale up the best performing leads to increase your conversion rates and maximise your marketing spend.


We Offer the Best ROI Analytics

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-lead-generation-growth-returnsLead quality is critical to managing and improving bottom line performance. In addition to these research findings, basic ROI analytics can be used to make your case to prioritise quality over quantity and guide your decisions to deliver greater performance and profitability. We can offer better insight into the two primary dimensions of quality – average profit per sale and average conversion rates from lead to sale. With insight into lead quality and ROI, the marketing team can unlock untapped opportunities with:

• Better alignment of marketing spend with value potential.
• Improvements to marketing strategy.
• Better tracking and metrics.

We guarantee that you will come away from our lead generation audit with a bespoke blueprint for the success of your marketing efforts. We will introduce you to an array of simple and effective strategies which you can then use as the benchmark for your customer acquisition. These improvements can be implemented immediately after our lead generation audit has been completed. With our detailed audit report, you can save yourself from having to put up with years of trial and error before getting it right. We provide you with the tools to get it right the first time. Now, you can achieve new heights of success with our lead generation audit report!



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