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We are experts in results driven performance media across both traditional and digital media. We pride ourselves on delivering tailor made solutions for our clients through a range of services that are second to none.


advertising-excellence-media-advertising-socials-management-paid-media-analysis-facebook-postIncrease the quality of your campaigns, traffic and reduced CPL’s.


Get the Most Out of Your Paid Media!

The first online display ad was launched in 1994, and from that point onwards, digital media has enticed businesses with the potential of increasing sales. But, that is only possible when paid media is used right!
  • • Was the price reasonable?
  • • Did I really get what I paid for?

These are two valid questions which are often asked by businesses, and for good reason. Advertising Excellence is in the position of offering your business with something of great value which can be used to generate more sales for your organisation.

When using paid media, part of eliminating waste is in coming up with a smart strategy and following it up with a perfect execution. If you truly want to find out which part of your paid media advertising is wasted, then contact one of the team who will be happy to run a paid media report.

A good paid media report is able to offer you actionable insights along with confirmation of performance which will help you grow and achieve a higher ROI.

Get an Account Audit from our Paid Media team and discover where inefficiencies are.


Three Pillars Integrated Approach

Planning: Create an integrated content creation and paid promotional calendar:

  • • Content creation and paid promotional planning should go hand in hand. As the editorial calendar comes to life, brands should also be thinking about the goal of the channel as a whole, which content they should leverage in paid placements and who the target audience should be.
  • • Knowing that content may be re-purposed in a paid placement also ensures that the content creator adheres to or creates alternate content that will render well in advertising.

Execution: Be prepared to respond quickly to community reaction and insights:

  • • Communities react to content in real-time, often in unexpected ways.
  • • An integrated team is ready to respond quickly to new community insights and capitalise on new opportunities; for example, using paid placements to amplify content that is suddenly driving high levels of engagement or increasing reach against an audience that may not be responding organically.

Measurement and Reporting: Set up an automated system to measure earned and paid media together:

  • • Automated reporting and measurement across both paid and earned channels are ideal for an integrated approach.
  • • Monitoring the impact of each channel on shared KPIs provides a more accurate view of the role each channel may be playing in overall success.

Account Audits: Discover where inefficiencies are.


We Offer Heightened Transparency, Better Documentation and Improved Performance!

Advertising Excellence is able to leverage our exceptional skill set, experience, and industry purview to consult with clients in a variety of areas.

We’re here to make you money! Which is why we are going to show you how you can plug those overspends and inefficiencies. We’ve helped over 200 businesses experience higher levels of sales over the past 10 years. We will share with you how businesses just like yours have overcome similar bottleneck situations. With our experience and insights, we will have you hitting those sales targets in no time.

Irrefutable, Additive & Quantifiable!

Advertising Excellence is considered to be one of the leading edge solution providers for paid media. With years of experience in the field, our analysts are able to use empirical data to provide you with objective feedback on how your paid media strategy is performing. To ensure comprehensive feedback, our paid media reports consist of various data acquisition and quality control measures that ensure our clients get the full return on their investment in paid media.

Get an Account Audit from our Paid Media team and discover where inefficiencies are.



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