Programmatic Display
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Have you heard the Buzz?

You have probably heard about the buzz surrounding programmatic advertising and how its projected to account for 80% of all digital sales by 2018. Perhaps you have tried running a campaign or two already.

Whilst this is the fastest growing segment of digital media, many marketers don’t know much about it or what the benefits are.

In a nutshell, programmatic advertising automates the decision making process of where ads are placed, using artificial intelligence (AI) and real time bidding (RTB) for online display, mobile and video campaigns.

For example, if you wanted to target men in their 50’s looking to sell their house in London or women 18-35 who are looking for skin treatments. There are billions of possible targeting combinations to choose from – there are 1.7 million postcodes in the UK, millions of websites, user sessions and devices. It’s beyond the ability of human beings to decide on the right combination to produce then best leads and conversions.

Manual campaign optimisation just can’t handle big data in the same way that machine learning can which is why Historically ad budgets have been burnt through trial, and error.

Programmatic campaigns do all of the heavy lifting for you. Simply tell our team who you want to target including your key performance indicators (KPI’s)and we can programme this into the ad engine to find the right users at the right time on the right device to illicit the response you are looking for. It starts of small using predictive analysis and evolves from there based on what’s working and engine learning.

So how can programmatic do all of this? Through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that have highly developed algorithms that give the ad engine the ability to analyse data and “think” in real time. We have the capability to take your anonymised 1st party data to feed into the engine enhancing the results even more.

How do I get started? It’s really, really simple, all you need to do is brief your Ad Ex account manager on your target audience and campaign KPI’s and we will do the rest. We can even create the ads for you including native ads for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So don’t delay, brief us today!

Programmatic case studies

Property Developer Case Study

Our Challenge
To generate leads for a high value, luxury properties for a London developer

Our Goals
To drive traffic to the site, targeting affluent UK & overseas investors in relevant online environments. To then convert this traffic top leads.

Our approach
We targeted relevant Audiences & Environments in order to drive users driven to the site. We then implemented a dynamic retargeting strategy with the aim of increasing the number of leads on properties.

Our Results
As a result, we were able to drive higher user engagement, significantly increased conversion rates and consequently drive five times the amount of leads to previous activity.

• 15% increase in click through rate
• 80% decrease in cost per lead 

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-programmatic-display-website-zooplaSample Creative on Zoopla website
One of many sites in our inventory.

Please contact our friendly team for more information.

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-programmatic-display-furniture-retailerFurniture Retailor case study 

Our Challenge
To move customers along the sales funnel from awareness to conversion; drive online and in store sales as measured by the client’s attribution model and integrate our other channels, creating a holistic multi-channel strategy.

Our Goals
Raise brand awareness amongst the clie3nts target audiences. Maximise sales of the client’s product range online and in store. Develop detailed insights into the most engaged/responsive audiences.

Our Approach
Each strategy provides additional; insights that helped provide further campaign learnings.

Video On Demand activity was used to drive awareness, web and in store sales.
Advanced retargeting was used to maximise campaign ROI.

Our Results
The campaign was a resounding success across the board as a result of creating a tight integration with all other channels and our ongoing optimisation strategies.

• Online ROI driven by the campaign – 314%
• In store ROI driven by the campaign – 1,804 %


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