Radio offers an ideal marketing medium; but using it to make profit takes some know-how.
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Striking the Right Balance

Our radio advertising experience is vast. Over many years we have learned how to harness the power of this very special media and we’re proud of our radio track record, delivering phenomenal ROI to our clients as well as creating some gorgeous, long lasting commercials that sell and sell.

Radio is a truly mobile medium which reaches millions of people around the world. Since people use the radio at home, at the workplace, on the road, and in various other locations, it is the ideal vehicle which can be used to drive sales forward by getting a message across to the masses.

The online radio audience has climbed to an estimated 26 million in the UK – that’s around 40% of the 15+ year old population. Furthermore, nearly 90% of adults in the UK tune in to the radio while driving their cars on a typical weekday. At Advertising Excellence, we will help you reach those listeners you meet your revenue goals.

We are able to offer to our clients the ability to identify the strengths of their radio marketing campaigns and tap into new revenue opportunities that you would not have realised existed.

Radio offers an ideal marketing medium, but using it to make a profit takes some know-how.

Samples of Radio Ads


Pinpoint Your Audience

It is important that every radio campaign begins with a clear understanding of the listener demographic and the total number of listeners it can reach. This includes age, gender, location, household income and other factors. Our professionals then share this information with our clients, which help them get a better idea of exactly who they are reaching out to in their radio campaigns.

We also offer our clients information on the qualitative characteristics of their ideal prospects they would consider when making a radio buy. We have access to both quantitative and qualitative information of listeners and are perfectly positioned to provide our clients with customised information which include ratings and schedule breakdowns. Our signal coverage maps give our clients a better idea on where their radio ads are being heard.




Providing our clients the highest level of radio campaigns, production and auditing services.



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