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advertising-excellence-media-advertising-socials-management-seo-iconMonthly Health Checks to Ensure your Site is Always on Top Performance

The business that is able to generate the most revenue simply knows how to market and sell better than its competitors. SEO plays a big part in the selling process which is why companies such as Amazon and eBay optimize and test their sites regularly. Studies have shown that an online e-commerce business can enjoy a 14% lift in sales by implementing an SEO strategy.

But, you can’t develop a strong SEO strategy without first identifying the problems, and establishing long term goals. And so, we’re here to help you do just that. When you use our SEO services, we provide you with the complete SEO solution, along with market research, and the latest analysis on your competitors, making sure that you stay ahead of the rest.

Our team of SEO professionals review your website, identify areas of concern, and find new ways in which you can enhance and optimize your site. We will then deliver our findings to you so that we can work together and develop the perfect website that is able to produce results..

What We Do!

SEO Content
Our SEO audit services will evaluate the existing content of your website. Our professionals work their way from the ground up to make sure you are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Apart from providing you with a detailed content audit report, we also make recommendations that will help enhance your site to make it more suitable for your target demographic. We also make strategic recommendations for your content, and provide you with data on competitive keyword opportunities which can be used to boost your ranks on the popular search engines.

Link Popularity
It’s simple! If you have a website with broken links, it will not rank effectively. This is why off-site optimization is one of the most critical factors that affect a website’s ranking. Since one of the factors which search engines measure is the popularity of a website by the amount of high quality backlinks it has, we work closely with our clients to ensure you get an SEO strategy that is able to stimulate link acquisition organically. Having bad links will tarnish your link profile, so we make sure that we monitor it regularly. Our link building services help find the highest quality website which are relevant to your brand and market niche. 

Mobile Optimisation
Mobile optimisation has become a major scoring factor for Google. In fact, a website’s ranking can suffer if it is not compatible with mobile devices. Our professional mobile optimization service makes sure that your website is responsive across different platforms.

Site Assessment Reports
The site assessment report we provide is able to give our clients an in-depth look at their website. It enables you to critique and identify the areas which need improvement. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a prioritised list of issues which need to be addressed according to their importance. Our team of highly qualified professionals are also able to identify possible rabbit holes so that our clients are able to quickly learn what changes are most important for ranking higher on the SERPs.

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Regular health checks are run every month to make sure your website is always performing at an optimum level.

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-socials-management-seo-maintenance1. Monitoring Crawl Errors
2. Monitoring Backlinks
3. Monitoring Competitors
4. Best Practice Support
5. On-page Optimisation
6. Content & Duplicate Content
7. Accessibility & Indexation
8. Site Architecture and Internal Linking
9. Site Speed
10. Mobile
11. Keyword Tracking
12. Crawl Diagnostics
13. Other Technical Issues

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