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We are experts in results driven performance media across both traditional and digital media. We pride ourselves on delivering tailor made solutions for our clients through a range of services that are second to none.


We don’t Experiment, we Improve!

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-socials-management-social-platforms-analyticsHow is your Brand doing Socially?
To get the answer, brands often times rely on commoditised analysis that does not provide the true picture of a social media strategy. This results in a social media strategy falling flat on its face with those responsible not knowing what hit them.

When it comes to a social media campaign, Advertising Excellence can give you the right answer by analysing your social media campaign against your business goals. We measure actionable KPIs which are actually useful for a brand to give it the rock star treatment it deserves.

Get your Piece of the Pie!
Revenue is the ultimate indicator of a successful social media marketing campaign. At Advertising Excellence, we give you an idea of where you are going by looking at where you have been. We are here to uncover unique strategies which are customised specifically to your social media marketing needs to make sure you get your piece of the pie.

Social Measurements and Analysis

Our audit report will provide your company with a comprehensive look of your presence on social media and will then go a step further and evaluate it against your competitors. One of the key outputs of our social media audits is our prioritised checklist of actionable recommendations which are to be implemented by a business.

Our social media audits offer three valuable functions:

  • • To develop a brand’s social media marketing goals and tie it in to their bottom line.
  • • Assess a website’s social media presence and activities.
  • • Help brands create a comprehensive social media strategy which is based on facts that will ultimately lead them towards success.

We accomplish this by tracking the following metrics:

  • • Website referral.
  • • New followers.
  • • Number of leads generated.
  • • Brand sentiment and follower engagement.
  • • Brand mentions.
  • • Brand awareness.
  • • Blog engagement.

Get a Social Audit today to see how how you are performing socially.

Measuring Social Media is Critical!

advertising-excellence-media-advertising-socials-management-social-platformsSocial media is everywhere these days, so to be successful businesses need to conduct social media audits regularly in the same way a company would carry out employee, inventory or budgets reviews. Advertising Excellence offers its clients a variety of content creation solutions that are specifically designed for social media marketing in the form of metrics-based analysis and strategic thinking to ensure the content of your social media campaign is fresh.

We work behind the scenes to make sure your social profiles are able to pull more revenue. The data and in-depth analysis we provide will make sure every social user’s experience is a memorable one whenever they visit your site’s profile. Our experts will make sure your brand is represented optimally through your website, content and the social media platforms you use.

Social Media Content Optimisation

The heart and soul of any social media campaign is the content that is shown via social media channels. Great content is able to direct, guide and drive the success of a social media marketing campaign. This means without a good content marketing plan, any other marketing activities are pretty much pointless.

It is without a doubt that great content allows the average user to get a glimpse of what a brand is all about, and what they stand for as a company. Great content can do that by creating a meaningful connection, and providing the social user with an opportunity to keep the conversation going by sharing or retweeting the content. But, more importantly, great content can convince the audience and turn them into customers.



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