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advertising-excellence-media-advertising-telecoms-mastAuditing your telecom expenditure is every business’s first step to controlling the costs of communications. In-house telecom audits are mostly insufficient when it comes to identifying billing errors and other inaccuracies in a telecom invoice.

Lost telecom expenses making your bottom line suffer? Telephone company errors can have a negative impact on your business. Over the years, Advertising Excellence has successfully carried out in-depth telecom bill audits, optimisations and management services that have led to our clients performing even better than before.

We Bring Accuracy to Your Complicated Telecom Expenses!
Our clients are thrilled whenever we are able to reduce their telecom expenses significantly which affects their bottom line for the better. The true value we offer is in the savings we enable businesses to make after we carry out our telecom audits.

Often, businesses need the planning and expertise that is needed to carry out a successful telecom marketing campaign to make sure the response isn’t localized. At Advertising Excellence, we have the skills and experience that  are essential to audit the effectiveness of mobile campaigns to  ensure you get the best ROI, whilst improving user experience.

We Help You Identify the Lowest Cost Provider!
They say nothing in life is free… well Advertising Excellence comes pretty close. Our services can be yours for a fraction of the cost other auditing services would cost you. Get the best deal around by hiring our analysts to go through your telecom budget and your package. We will tell you if you are spending more than necessary.

Our recommendations are based solely on our analysis, competitive pricing and the quality of service.

With our services you get the following:

  • • Get centralised telecom invoices
  • • Significant reduction in telecom expense
  • • Validated telecom inventory
  • • A decrease in telecom expenses and an increase in profits

Wireless Expenditure Management

Our telecom audits and forensic analysis of your wireless expense gives you a greater understanding on wireless management and optimisation.  This in turn enables you to control your monthly telecom and data expenditure. At Advertising Excellence, we centralise wireless billing with our wireless expenditure management and deliver maximum savings.

Our Services Include:

Advertising Excellence has a large team of analysts with diverse specialties. Our telecom audit service takes into account the following areas of your business:

  • • Data circuits.
  • • Land-line inventory.
  • • Analysis of telecom tax.
  • • Telecom expense management.
  • • Phone bill audit.
  • • PBX and VOIP.

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